Wedding Gown Manufacturers in South Africa

A bride in today’s world has many options for her bridal attire. Sarees and lehengas are the attire of choice of the traditional women. But the new age bride is always in search of something that is modern, stylish yet demur enough for a bride. And what better attire than a Wedding gown.

Royal wedding gowns in South-africa

Taking the concept from the west, designers at Shivaliarora have created a beautiful collection of evening gowns in South-africa. Crafted out of fabrics such as silk, raw silk, taffeta silk and velvet, these gowns feel as luxurious as they look.

Fashion statement of the new age Bride

Each design is put in place with care. Each stitch of embroidery on these gowns is hand sewn in a way that it tells a story. The story of a happy beginnings of the bride on her wedding day.

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