Punjabi Suit Manufacturers in Australia

A short-fitted kurta with a flared pyjama full of gathers, this is the quintessential picture of the perfect Punjabi suit. And you will find many variations of these in Shivalisrora collection of Punjabi suits in Australia.

Elegant Punjabi suits in Australia

The suit has been the traditional attire of the women in North India for many centuries. Each state has its own variation, yet the attire is sought after because it is practical and comfortable. And we have given the classic Punjabi suit a modern twist.

Elegant every day wear for the modern woman

We have added more fullness to the bottom or the salwar, made the kurta more modern. The variation in the embroidery and prints and the careful selection of the fabrics to ensure the fall of the garment and the fitting all means that our Punjabi suit is completely traditional yet beautifully modern.

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